Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adventures and Road Trips-Part 2

 My book for today has quickly become a classic in my home.  My girls absolutely love this book.  It is about Harold the duck.  He goes on an amazing journey.  One day he is just hanging out with his friend when he finds a stick of gum.  A wonderful idea takes him high into the air, when suddenly his bubble pops.  This adventure leads to Harold becoming the best surfer in the world.  Find out more about Harold and his adventure by clicking on the link to the right so you can own the book yourselves.  It's  certain to be a favorite in every house.
On our adventure today we wanted to have the same fun that Harold had.  My friend suggested water balloons and I thought that was a GREAT idea!  We filled up about 20 or so balloons and took them out on the lawn to watch our bubbles "POP, " like Harold's.
 My 2 year old did not like the water balloon idea.  At all.  As you can tell in the picture, she took off running as fast as her little legs could carry her.
Lucky for me, her friend had come over to play.  She loved the water balloons!  She also loves Harold the Duck.  We bought her the book for her 2nd birthday and she reads it almost every night.  It is pretty safe to say it is one of her favorites as well.

 She really loved the water balloons.
 Yep, still hiding.

A big bubble that carried Harold away was not his only adventure.  I decided we needed to try and find a way to surf.  I found a couple of boards we had on hand.  Stacked them on top of each other and then placed them on a dumb bell.  First I tried to balance the boards on a bottle of pills, I'm not going to admit to my weight but let's just say I smashed the bottle of pills.  If you do try this I suggest you find something very sturdy, like dumb bells.  To be honest, it was pretty DUMB of me to try it on a bottle of pills.  The bigger the object below the boards the bigger the challenge.  Try and find out who can bust the best moves.

Finally, I had to find a fun way for my 2 year old to pop bubbles.  The bubble in the book is her favorite part.  So I decided if she couldn't enjoy the water balloons I knew she would enjoy some bubbles.  

I hope you enjoy Harold the Duck as much as we do.

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Lisa B. said...

We had our bubble party and read Harold the duck today. Oddly it was my 7 year old and her friends that got into it the most!!