Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pirates and Princesses-Part 2

 Yes, I'm a little obsessed with princesses.  I'm a little girl at heart and my mind goes into fantasy land when I think about them.  I don't know who will be more excited when we go to Disneyland this summer, me, or my girls.  (the picture to the left has me curious.  I think that is Scarlett Johansson but I can't find anything about the movie.  When I clicked on the photo, link here, it said Disney in the web address but the web address had expired.  Anyone know anything about it?)
I want to point out that I love the princesses who are strong, stand up for what is right and what they believe in, kind, giving, and never EVER a brat.  As a mother I often see  other children (mine included)  acting like little brats.  I hate to hear mother's say proudly "Oh, she's such a spoiled princess..."  It's like they are proud of how their children are acting.  Not in my house!!!  In my house a princess is loving, caring, giving, and above all, does things for others.  This is what I would like my girls to think of when they think of princesses.  When I call them a princess I want it to be a compliment.  I want them to strive to be better, strive to be like a true princess.
 The book we read today was Princess Hyacinth, the Surprising Tale of a Girl who Floated.  It's the tale of a princess who was lighter than air.  Her father does everything he can to keep her on the ground.  Worried that one day she would float away she is forced to wear heavy clothing and jewels and crowns.  So heavy, that she can hardly walk around.  It's a great book that my girls love.  I love the pictures and the writing is simple and fun for small children.

Can I talk about a book I wish I had for a second (it is pictured above)?  There is something about this book that catches my eye anytime that I walk into a Barnes and Noble.  I'm drawn to it.  It's a book full of unheard of princess stories.  I love the illustrations and the stories sound adorable and funny.  Why have I not bought it yet?  I don't know.  But it is definitely on my wish list.  I mean it is on my daughters wish list....

We kept it simple today.  My 2 year old and I made a crown.  She loves crowns.  And I have to admit, so do I.  I was watching Ellen one day and she had a guest come on (I can't remember who) and she talked about how fun it was to wear a tiara around the house.  I mean, how can you be sad when you have a tiara on your head?  I'm  a true believer and a grown woman who will play dress up with my girls.  It's so much fun.  You can never have enough crowns.
I took a piece of paper, folded it in half, drew my design, cut  and then copied it onto a piece of foam.
 After I cut the piece of foam I decorated it by adding glue in a design.  Then my 2 year old got to add the glitter to the still wet glue.  She loved this part.
 I wpuld add a design as she would pick out a color.

 Then I hot glued it to a headband.  Voila!  A very simple tiara.
You can decorate your tiara by using different colors of foam, gems, sequins, etc...


*Monica*Lindsey*Julianne* said...

Unfortunately, no movie, just a photo shoot. Annie Leibovitz is a photographer that does these Disney shoots all the time. Look up David Beckham as Prince Phillip.


sarahkat said...

I love your definition of a princess! And my girls and I are going to go read some of those books and make some tiaras ourselves!