Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'M AWESOME! - Part 1

One of my favorite children’s book authors is Sandra Boynton.  She is able to pack so much into her tiny little stories.  Some of our favorites are Snuggle Puppy (you must sing it), Fifteen Animals! and Blue Hat, Green Hat.  But one of our absolute favorites is Yay, You!  It celebrates you and your kids.  What’s better, right?  One of my favorite lines is, “And whatever you do--now or later, big or small, loud or quiet--whatever you do, don’t worry.  Just try it.  Whatever you do, whether near or far, I know you’ll be great.  You already are.” 
Matthew received a cookbook for Christmas last year and has been dying to use.  So today he made a grocery list of things he would need for recipes he thought sounded delicious.  With the list in hand we headed to the grocery store and stocked up.  When we got home Matthew and James decided that the mini pizzas sounded the best.  So we gathered around the island and got to work.
Matthew loved being the one to read the recipe and tell us what came next.  And it was fun for the younger ones to have a hand in preparing lunch.
The craft I’m going to share is something a did a while back, but I think would be fun for anyone.  I got this online somewhere and I cannot remember for the life of me where.  So I apologize in advance for not being able to give credit where it is due.  We made handprints and footprints on canvas.  Take the size of canvas you would like and put however many coats of paint on it that you would like (the fewer, the whiter your prints will be).  I did two very thin coats, I like the brush marks.  Then when the paint is still wet press your child’s hands/feet on the canvas.  Press them down firmly and try to get them to be very still.  With an 18 month old it was near impossible, but it isn’t supposed to be perfect, just fun.  I wrote on the back of each canvas each child’s name and the date the painting was done.  And you’ve got a very personalized piece of art for your home.

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