Friday, June 10, 2011

Colors Part 4

 I know I mentioned a couple of days ago that Purplicious is one of the books we have been reading this week.  It has become my 2 year old's favorite book.  She will come walking towards me, book in hand, her big blue eyes pleading for me to read the book.  I read it 5 times yesterday, how could I refuse those eyes?  My girls love this book.  It's a cute little story about a girl who loves the color pink.  When she starts to get teased for liking pink she tries to change her favorite color only to find that life is boring and not as much fun when you fall in step with everyone else.  Read it to find out how Purplicious overcomes the "blues."

See that little attitude?  What am I going to do when she gets older?  Anyways, to start off our morning we made pancakes.  After making homemade pancakes I'll never go back to the box mix again. 
In the book, Pinkalicious loves the color pink, so we added some pink to our pancake mix...
...and then some blue, it's called "Purplicious for a reason...
....keep stirring....
...and voila!  We have purple pancakes!!!  My girls loved seeing this lesson come to life.  They literally gasped when the colors came together and turned into purple.  It was such a fun lesson.  And now my 3 year old is telling everyone that she knows how to make the color purple.
I love this pancake writer!!!!  It's the coolest thing.  I asked them what shape they wanted their pancakes in and they asked for a heart and a triangle.  I'm not perfect at it but I'm getting better.
I still need to make our dresses out of the fabric we made a couple of days ago.  That tutorial is sure to come.  I am just a little busy right now because tomorrow is my 3 year old's birthday party.  Talk about some stress!  I work at a toy store and I am the party hostess.  We have a party room in the store and I plan children's parties all the time.  That's a breeze, but for some reason my own party is a stress!

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