Thursday, June 9, 2011

Colors - Part 3

I am big fan of Eric Carle.  The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite books from childhood.  But today, we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  My kids love this book and I do as well.  The colors are great and we always pick out our favorite animal.  Mine is the purple cat (purple is my favorite color, not such a fan of cats though).  This is a great book to use to teach colors.

We live in a hot, hot desert so outdoor activities are few and far between.  If we want to do anything outside, it has to be early or late.  Even then we don’t really escape the heat. But I have been wanting to get outside, so we went out early this morning to have some fun.  
My kids love sidewalk chalk.  They usually end up scribbling or making new designs.  Today, we made sidewalk chalk paint.  Here’s what to do:
2 TBS Cornstarch
2 TBS Water
Food Coloring

Mix the ingredients together and you’ve got yourself some paint!  I only used about 5 drops per color and that seemed to make dark enough hues.  Grab cheap paint brushes and a big cup of water to use for rinsing.  Head outside and put that artistic itch to work!
My boys ended up splashing paint around and making random brush marks, but they loved it.  Until we all started sweating.  Seriously, nobody should be sweating at 8:00 am.  

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