Thursday, June 2, 2011

Adventures and Road Trips - Part 3

One of my favorite books to read to my boys is Josefina Javelina by Susan Lowell.  Not only is it a fun title to say out loud, (*go ahead try it*), it is a very fun story.  Josefina dreams of becoming a famous ballerina.  So she leaves the desert and heads for the big city of Pasadena.  At the talent agency, she meets White E. Lamb, who is more than he appears.  He’s actually a coyote and a chase ensues.  Josefina impresses everyone with her fancy footwork during her escape and becomes a famous ballerina.  My kids laugh out loud when I try to sing a few of the parts to them.  The pictures are vivid, the animals funny and the text clever.  This is a book anyone needs in their library.
We are planning a 2 week vacation this summer and I thought it would be fun to make luggage tags.  We don’t want to mix our bags up!  So my boys and I perused free clipart in search of the perfect tags.  They decided on rocket ships (that’s usually the winner in our house). 
-Two pieces of thick felt, big enough to fit your tag
-Plastic name tag covers, I got mine in the office aisle at Walmart for $1.58
-Scissors, thread, sewing machine (optional), pins
-Paper for name and number 
-Ribbon, or whatever you choose to use to attach tag to luggage
1. I printed out a picture of a rocket in the size I wanted and traced it onto a piece of thick felt using chalk.  I then placed another piece of felt below it and pinned them together.  I cut out two rocket ships, two birds-one stone style.  

2. I cut out a “window” or opening for the name and phone number to show through on the top piece.  Then I placed the two pieces together again and positioned the plastic name tag cover in the right place.  I removed the top piece and hot glued the name tag in place.  Replace the top piece and then pin both sides together.

3. Sew pieces together, making sure to leave an opening on one end, so that you can remove the name card.  At the end of the tag, I cut a small slit to fit a ribbon through.  This is how the tag will attach to the luggage. 

My boys were pretty excited and I think the tags turned out pretty cute.  Now if only our vacation was only sooner...

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