Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The ABC's of Summer...

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Ready or not, it is here.  Sun, sweat, sticky fingers, sand, sunscreen, and the screeching anthem, "Mom!  I'm booooored!" That's one of the most dreaded phrases in my house.  Mostly because it means, "Entertain me, Mom.  I've forgotten how to do it myself since the final bell rang."  At my house when boredom sets in, anarchy steps up.  With three rambunctious boys, I cannot afford to let this happen.  And I'm sure most of you face a similar problem; we'll call it "Summer's Complaint."  Nice, right?  I didn't make up the term, but I'll take credit.  Kidding.   

Anyway, Lindsey and I decided that we needed to find a way to combat this sneaky, little intruder and bar it from our homes for good.  So we came up with the...

ABC's of Summer
Activities, Books and Crafts
Each week we will present a new theme and introduce children's books that go with it.  They may be beloved classics, obscure oldies, new releases, or just a favorite.  Whatever the book, we promise you will love it; we have incredible taste.  Along with each theme and book, we will have ideas for fun activities and crafts to do with your kids.  And because we never do anything without a snack or two (trust me, we make up reasons to make nachos), we'll even have delicious recipes.  Tutorials will be offered and fun will be had!  We will make sure to include things for all ages, genders and abilities.    
So want to join us?  Sure you do.  We're fun and love adventure.  Even better when our kids can join in.  So sit back, let us do the work, and have a fabulous Summer break!  Check back each day for great ideas and don't be afraid to leave a comment or share your ideas.

Ready for adventure?
We're starting off with our favorite children's books.  Lindsey, take it away...

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